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15+ impactful Community Projects

Incubated by and Executed with us

Each Miss Asian Chicago (formerly Miss Chinese Chicago) contestant drafts a year-long community service project plan. We work with them, one on one, to connect them with non-profit orgs in need of help or help them build a completely new idea and build the project plan. The goal is for the project to be meaningful to them and impactful to the community. Their project must meet the following evaluation criteria:

  • Passion - They must be passionate about the project
  • Due Diligence - They must have done their homework with the stakeholders, tools, impact, and agreements.
  • Execution - They must define relevant success criteria, ensure they personally have or have built/joined a team that has the skillset/experience to execute it, define a schedule with milestones, and secure any required budget.

The year following the pageant, we work with titleholders and whomever else is interested to execute their project. Many of them continue volunteering in the community beyond their defined year of service.

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Alice Yu

2023 Miss Asian Chicago

Queen & Talent

Ngan le

2023 Miss Asian Chicago

First Princess & Congeniality

megan wikowsky

2023 Miss Asian Chicago

Second Princess

lianacris uy panaligan

2023 Miss Asian Chicago

Crowd Favorite

Sona Kim

Chi-AWE Main Board Member

stephanie Li

Miss Asian Chicago 2023 Contestant

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project highlight

Jean Elliott - Sewing and Soccer

Empower the youth by teaching the youth how to play soccer and empower women by teaching them how to sew.

  • Raised $1500+ across 3 non-profits.
  • Volunteered 200+ hours since joining Miss Chinese Chicago.
  • Drafted and implemented a youth soccer program with the Chicago Dragons.
  • Led a sewing workshop with the youth at CMAA.
  • Led a AAPI Women Empowerment Series workshop on sewing.

"Since Miss Chinese Chicago’s inaugural pageant in 2018, we have seen many young women empowered to uplift the community through their individual platforms. We have had the pleasure and honor to work with the women of MCC who are passionate about youth development and have volunteered their time and effort to support our youth organization through direct service and fundraising. We are grateful to witness MCC’s commitment to developing a culture of service, positivity, and inclusivity."

- Sandy Ruan, Director of Strategic Initiatives, Project:VISION

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Community Healing

Xiao Lin Mei

2022 Miss Chinese Chicago Queen & Crowd Favorite

soccer & sewing

jean elliott

2022 Miss Chinese Chicago Congeniality

non-verbal communication

ava gong

2022 Miss Chinese Chicago Contestant

pamela yuan

2019 Queen

jade lun

2019 Second Princess & Miss Chinatown USA 2020 Third Princess

Youth education

2018 Miss Chinese Chicago First Princess & Miss Chinatown USA 2022 Second Princess

Victoriously Vulnerable

victoria li

2022 Miss Chinese Chicago Second Princess & Talent

Speech Impediments & Art healing

mia hitterman

2022 Contestant & Miss Chinatown USA 2023 Community Service

Natalie chin

2022 Miss Chinese Chicago First Princess

megan wu

2019 Miss Chinese Chicago First Princess

Brittany Lau

2018 Miss Chinese Chicago Queen & Miss Chinatown USA 2019 Community Service & Congeniality

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