Mental Health

Access & Safe Spaces

Stephanie Li

Communications Specialist

Miss Chinatown USA 2024 Contestant

Former 2023 Miss Asian Chicago Contestant

Workplace Confidence Workshop


My personal mental health journey was made even more challenging from having not sought help for over three months. At the time, I had a lower wage and needed to wait until I was eligible for medical insurance, which hurt me in ways that affect me to this day. My worst days were the ones where I started becoming complacent. It pains me to think of the opportunities I skipped out on, the meaningful relationships I didn’t form, and the personal goals I didn’t work towards during this time. Access to and validation of mental health resources are very important to me, which is why I want to work closely with my community to give them the compassion they deserve.

- Stephanie Li

Due Diligence

I’m collaborating with:

  • The Miss Asian Chicago 2023 Cohort - I will hold a podcast style interview with 2–3 of my fellow contestants. We'll explore their personal mental health journeys, how they stayed positive during pageant season, and what current mental health related work they're doing for their community platform project.
  • Midwest Asian Health Association (MAHA) - I will arrange and lead recurring workforce empowerment workshops.
  • National Association of Asian American Professionals (NAAAP) - NAAAP is launching their Wellness Therapy Fund to offer free counseling to AAPI patients. I will work with volunteers to make the application and donation pages live on the NAAAP website, as well as support outreach for program support.

-Stephanie Li


  • I’ll record and produce one in-depth video essay on women and AAPI community members in the workplace to help others understand my brand and vision.
  • The number of workshops, combined across partnerships, totals to approximately 8 throughout the year. I’ll dedicate at least three hours per week on an upcoming workshop that only needs logistical assistance, and at least five hours per week leading up to the date if I’m hosting.
  • Prior to certain events, I’ll reach out to individuals who would be comfortable and willing to speak about their experience to share on social media and/or the appropriate organization’s page.

-Stephanie Li