Victoriously Vulnerable


2022 Miss Chinese Chicago Second Princess & Talent

Sr. Learning & Development Manager

Body Positivity and reframing vulnerabilities

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"Miss Chinese Chicago showed me the importance of being vulnerable and authentic. I entered the process feeling insecure about my body, learning to reframe them, and proudly strutting on stage to proclaim my platform to show all bodies are beautiful. Because I opened up about my struggle with body image, those who resonated felt heard. Now as a titleholder, I want to help others be victoriously vulnerable in sharing their stories.

My workshop on Loving Your Body helped participants experience the steps of opening up about their challenges and reframing it literally and figuratively through storytelling and art. There is power in saying your struggles out loud, which may results in an emotional release. There were participants who shed tears and those who admitted to never have shared that particular body insecurity story.

However, workshops happen at certain points in time and not everyone can attend. I wanted to make that environment accessible anytime, anywhere. Therefore, I launched my podcast Victoriously Vulnerable so that our stories are captured in a supportive space. Together, we can begin and continue our journeys of being victoriously vulnerable as we accept ourselves and share our stories."

- Victoria

Victoria s body positivity workshop was an interactive personal workshop that included people with various body images Everyone was so supportive during the event I feel everyone took something positive away from the workshop and was able to express themselves in a variety of healthy methods as well as meeting new people William
Victoria s workshop felt like such a safe space to open up and share my experiences with people that felt the same way I loved how we all were lifting each other up the whole time just encouraging and validating one other It was a great way to have a conversation about body image which really isn t always the easiest thing to talk about Maryanne
This workshop gave me a judge free space to consider what messages I have learned from my environment and the broader society Through the exercises I was able to imagine what new relationship I want with my body and feel more at home in it Haley
Victoria s body positivity workshop taught me how to express the true self of me by creating a safe and comfortable space to reflect who I am Also participants sharing thoughts about similar experiences and incidents they have been through have given me strength and empathy that we all could work on the positivity together and learn healthy method to love oneself Sona
When I first heard about the body positivity event I wasn t sure if it was something for me Being a tall slightly overweight mid 30s male it didn t cross my mind to feel positive about my body After being around supportive people who shared their stories at the event I decided to share one of mine It included facts that my weight has fluctuated from 50 pounds under weight average to being overweight Both sides of my spectrum has had people laugh and poke fun at me But after sharing my story and hearing support from other I feel more confident in my body and am more motivated to take care of it Attending this seminar had a positive impact on my mind and body JP