Art as Healing,

Art As Culture

Sona Kim

Chi-AWE Main Board Member

2023 Miss Asian Chicago Contestant

Artist, Founder of HerArt Foundation

Art as Healing, art as culture


As I went through hardships in my life, art was always there for me to ease the pain. Art is more than a major to me; it is a shelter and a haven. Since the moment I saw what art can do for me, I started to volunteer in my community with my skill set in art to spread the advantage art has. I taught low-income students and elders art and supported them to express themselves. I also participated in mural drawing programs in numerous neighborhoods to make the areas more lively. Art has empowered me and helped me not to drown in adversity. I wish to empower others with the passion I have in art like art has done to me.

- Sona Kim

Due Diligence

I have over 10 years of professional experience as an artist and designer and I possess both a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts and a Master’s degree in Design. Thus, I am well-versed in various artistic mediums and techniques. I am also currently a working artist, giving me a contemporary perspective on the industry. Moreover, recognizing the need for a more professional and well-made community platform, I founded and officially registered a non-profit organization to support my projects. Additionally, with 6 years of experience teaching art at various institutes, I am confident in my ability to facilitate the art workshops. I’ve secured multiple partnerships and interviewees and participants for my project.

-Sona Kim


  • “Unbroken Thread”- I have already started working with KAN-WIN, CBCAC, Chi-AWE and Mia Hitterman on our interactive art healing project “Unbroken Thread”. It involves a series of healing art workshops that culminate in a group art installation.
  • Art Healing Workshops with Chi-AWE - I have already led a art-healing workshop with Chi-AWE’s AAPI Women Empowerment Series. Soon, I will lead a similar workshop for their upcoming GirlPowerment Series.
  • AAPI Female Artist Interviews - I have secured 5 AAPI female artist interviewees to amplify their voices via my 501(c)3 non-profit, HerArt Foundation.

-Sona Kim




HerArt Foundation