Animal Welfare


Miss Chinese Chicago 2022 First Princess

Veterinary Student

Current Highlight

Natalie is part of the ohio state's vetErinary program class of 2027!

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117 hrs

Volunteered as a zoo monitor at Lincoln Park Zoo


136 hrs

Volunteered as a cat medical volunteer.


5045 hrs

Served as a vetrinary assistant at the Forest Glen Animal Hospital

Saved a pitbull puppy - Retrieved and cared for malnourished puppy that we named Amica, and who I convinced my parents to adopt! I see her every week or so for her and my puppy to play! I'm also helping train her so she learns her manners.

"Getting pets off the street and into homes that have the resources to care for them! We encourage people to keep their cats indoor-only. Outdoors, cats run the risk of picking up intestinal and skin parasites, immune disease, and innumerable injuries. Cats have amazing reflexes, but they are not perfect (despite what your own cat might tell you!) and can be victims of car collisions. If they have access to outdoors and are not fixed (spayed for females, neutered for males), they will absolutely make babies, which are even more vulnerable to all of the misfortunes that can befall an outdoor cat. Outdoor cats also wreak havoc on the local bird population, which is very uncool."

- Natalie