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Stuttering Foundation Podcast - discusses in this episode what it means to thaw the iceberg of someone who has a stutter.

Thawing The Stuttering Iceberg

Video Resources

The McGuire School

The King's Speech

Suggestions for how you can be a more patient, active listener

  1. Encourage - If a person is struggling with their speech, remember to not interrupt or laugh. Instead, you can just smile or say it's okay just take your time. This way the person with the stutter doesn't feel pressured or discouraged.
  2. Educate- Even though the majority of the workshop covered a lot about stuttering. I do suggest you watch the videos I recommended above. This will allow you to better understand what a person with a stutter has to deal with.
  3. Take a moment to breathe- Everyone is busym but remember to take a moment to take some deep breaths. Often when we're stressed, we don't breathe enough so our speech won't be as fluent as we like. Remember to relax and just take the time to reset yourself before beginning back to where you started.
  4. Remember- not everyone feels comfortable talking especially in front of a crowd. So don't assume that a person is just shy or just doesn't want to talk. There might be something that is making them not want to talk and that's okay. If the person does not want to talk in front of a crowd I would suggest first having a conversation between the two of you so the person feels that they can open up to you first.

The first of AAPI Women Empowerment Series workshops, this workshop addressed stuttering and how we can better communicate. This session was led by 2022 Miss Chinese Chicago contestant Mia Hitterman, who made her community platform about active listening, thoughtful communication, and accessible spaces. The workshop recording and follow-up info are below. A highlight of the workshop by Dominican University is here!