Community Healing


2022 Miss Chinese Chicago Queen

DEI & Social Impact Analyst

Break down systemic racism and bring racial unity to our communities

Quick FAQs


Donation Drives

Organized and led two charitable donation drives for nonprofit organizations on the outskirts of Chinatown. These items donated directly to Black and Latinx communities.

  • Over 1000 school supplies for Ada McKinley Center given to southside elementary school
  • Over 100 pounds of snacks and hygiene supplies to Brighton Park Neighborhood Center serving Asylum Support.


Healing circle

  • 25 hours spent training to become Healing Circle Keeper
  • Participation in 2 Chinatown community circles
  • Now a restorative justice practitioner



  • Attended Cook County Attorney Kim Foxx’s Asian American Heritage Month celebration to support the Black and Latinx communities together.
  • Participation in the HACE 2023 summit (Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement).



Civic engagement and cultural stewardship experience coming into Miss Chinese Chicago.

Current Highlight

xiao lin became a healing circle keeper!

"I completed my healing circle training with We Each Belong and officially became a Circle Keeper, but this is just the beginning as the work towards inclusion is evergreen. I’ve learned a lot about the sacredness towards each other, value of community in relationship building, both individual and collective wellness is rooted in the success of one another.

If I had to take one lesson from healing circles is that radical healing requires active embrace of slowness and active listening.

By which I mean, healing requires all hand on deck, so trust the flow and speed of the community which sometimes means relinquishing control for how we expect things “should be.”

Thanks to the Night Market cohosted by ChiAWE from last year, I was able to meet Andrew Jin Hong. Turns out the work I was doing in high school in 2015 on the CPS CEO’s Student Advisory Council jump started the restorative justice practice Andrew is now leading inside the schools. Loving the work of how each of us is interconnected in the community.” - Xiao Lin Mei