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Soccer and Sewing? Jean Elliott shares her two passions with the community

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"Ever since I was young, soccer and sewing have played a huge part of my life. They’ve helped me get through the most difficult times. I want to share that passion with others. Soccer is an accessible sport and currently there are no programs teaching soccer to kids in the Chinatown area. And up-cycling is becoming more trendy because it’s eco-friendly.

I’ve developed a curriculum and have the Chicago Dragons as a partner in executing the soccer program. So far, I’ve spent over 50 hours with the young Dragons and I absolutely love seeing them active and excited to be playing together. I hope the kids have learned teamwork and stay fit when playing, while having fun of course.

I have many years of experience sewing and I have a fashion line Tanjerine Studios where I do a lot of up-cycling of treasured family quilts. To share this passion with others, I hosted a thrifting and sewing workshop with the Young Women Warriors and a Women Empowerment series workshop. It was so nice seeing everything’s works in progress and seeing how they were able to learn the basic skills needed to mend their clothes and alter them into new items that they love and that fit them better!" - Jean