Member Spotlight

Sona kim

Main Board Member


Miss Asian Chicago 2023 Contestant

What’s your favorite thing about Chi-AWE?

We empower the AAPI Community in Chicago! I’ve always loved community works and Chi-AWE gives me the opportunity to give back to my immediate community! I also wanted to learn more about fundraising and management so so joining the Board Member at Chi-AWE has provided me a big step towards a new experience and widening my perspectives!

What’s a fun fact about you?

I used to be a fashion designer for womenswear.

My best friend is my hamster Tamagotchi :)

If not at a Chi-AWE event, where can we find you?

At SoulCycle or any hotpot place near Chinatown!

Professional Bio

Sona Kim is a resident artist at Mana Contemporary and Executive Director of Herart Foundation. She earned her Master of Design in School of the Art Institute of Chicago.