"Victoria's body positivity workshop was an interactive personal workshop that included people with various body images. Everyone was so supportive during the event; I feel everyone took something positive away from the workshop and was able to express themselves in a variety of healthy methods as well as meeting new people. " - William

Interacting with the community taught me that we all have vulnerabilities. While many people resonated with my body image struggle, I realized that other vulnerabilities deserved to be heard.

As part of my community platform, I launched my podcast @victoriouslyvulnerable so that we can touch on a range of topics, such as mental health, speech imediment, imposter syndrome, body image, and more.

Join me on this journey to become #victoriouslyvulnerable

Loving your body: be supported in being victoriously vulnerable by sharing and listening to our experiences.

In this workshop, we will explore that it's ok to be insecure and embrace features that others have told us were not enough. Together, we will share our vulnerabilities by talking, writing, or drawing and view them in a new positive light.

For those not ready to share, you can listen and help others reframe their insecurities.

In the end, we will take steps to proudly embrace our body image vulnerabilities through self-love and acceptance.