Victoria M. Ng

Founder/Volunteer Executive Director

Senior Software Engineer

What’s your favorite thing about Chi-AWE?

There’s a place for all AAPI women here. Whether you’re looking to grow and challenge yourself as a pageant contestant or strut on a runway as a model or speak about your passions as a workshop leader, Chi-AWE provides a community and platform for you. I was frustrated that there weren’t many opportunities for women of our AAPI community to come together to work toward common goals, and so I founded Chi-AWE for that purpose.

What’s a fun fact about you?

I competed in 8 pageants and one of my titles was 2016 Miss Chicago Chinatown Queen. I also love to do kpop dance covers. I was the co-founder of the Project:VISION Associate Board and served for 3.5 years.

If not at a chi-awe event, where can we find you?

At home. I’m a homebody and it’s actually really hard to get me leave the house other than for the gym, errands, and Chi-AWE events.

Professional Bio

Victoria Ng is a Senior Software Engineer at Huron Consulting Group and earned her Master of Science in Leadership and Policy studies from Depaul University.