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This is such a unique and positive environment to bring the Asian community together with all of our creative minds.

2019 Fashion Show Attendee

“Since Miss Chinese Chicago’s inaugural pageant in 2018, we have seen many young women empowered to uplift the community through their individual platforms. We have had the pleasure and honor to work with the women of MCC who are passionate about youth development and have volunteered their time and effort to support our youth organization through direct service and fundraising. We are grateful to witness MCC’s commitment to developing a culture of service, positivity, and inclusivity.”

Sandy Ruan, Director of Strategic Initiatives, Project:VISION

"Not only was this workshop just overall fun and exciting, everyone in it was super supportive and gave the stage for others to be their authentic wacky self." :)

AAPI Women Empowerment SEries workshop attendee

Victoria's body positivity workshop was an interactive personal workshop that included people with various body images.

Everyone was so supportive during the event; I feel everyone took something positive away from the workshop and was able to express themselves in a variety of healthy methods as well as meeting new people.

AAPI Women Empowerment Series workshop attendee

I really believe {Miss Chinese Chicago} is a positive demonstration of Chinese American representation and we need more

2019 Miss Chinese Chicago Diamond sponsor

As the modeling industry is changing today, I applaud all the designers and models for showing the younger generations that it's okay not to be so thin or tall to be a model.

2019 Fashion Show Attendee