Member Spotlight

ashish shah

Main Board Treasurer

Lead Software Engineer

What’s your favorite thing about Chi-AWE?

I love that we do so many things all at once! When I’m volunteering with Chi-AWE, I’m also volunteering for another org AND I’m getting AAPI women more active in the community AND getting their voices heard! The impact is multiplied because what we do is always impacting multiple groups of people at once. My favorite part of being a board member is seeing the contestants grow through each of the rehearsals. None of them are the same after they’ve spent months preparing and learning and growing together.

What’s a fun fact about you?

I usually have over 50 tabs open in my Firefox browser and I use duckduckgo for searches - I’m still trying to convince the Executive Director that we need to get off Google services, but that’s an ongoing battle.

If not at a chi-awe event, where can we find you?

Preferably, on a beach on a remote island. But in reality, probably at home glued to my computer.

Professional Bio

Ashish Shah is a Lead Software Engineer at ActiveCampaign and earned his masters in Electrical Engineering from IIT.